Save the date for this year’s CELSIUS Summit!!

On November 21, at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, we will celebrate the official launching of CELSIUS 2.0!

This dynamic conference will bring together influential actors from across Europe to connect and exchange ideas on how intelligent heating and cooling solutions will allow smart cities to satisfy the present and future energy needs of its citizens and businesses in a sustainable way. The 2018 CELSIUS summit serves as both the official launching of the initiative and an opportunity for an EU-level discussion on the vital question of how thermal networks, in combination with other clean and efficient technologies, can deliver the sustainable heating and cooling that the European energy transition requires.

We look forward to receiving political representatives from our member cities on stage and hearing their city’s vision, strategy and commitment to the development and optimisation of smart energy systems for a sustainable future, followed by a lively discussion with leading experts in the field. The goal will be to inspire innovative ideas that will pave the way for a competitive, liveable and resource-efficient Europe.

More information  and a preliminary agenda will be available soon.