Workshops and events

Past workshops and events


5 July: CELSIUS Talk: Two CELSIUS Demonstrator: Genoa and Cologne
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Wiki

19-25 June: EUSEW: Clean energy for all Europeans, Brussels
CELSIUS prisceremonin c

23 June: Sustainable Cities – Towards Zero-Carbon Heating & Cooling, Brussels

22 June: Building Blocks for European Leadership in Renewables: The importance of the local level, Brussels
EUSEW event

20 June: 2017 Genoa’s Energy Vision – The recent municipality’s initiative in the Urban Environment, Genoa
EUSEW-related event

20 June: CELSIUS Demonstrator Turbo Expander Inauguration, Genoa
The City of Genoa, UNIGE, Ireti, D’Appolonia and CELSIUS City Bergamo were represented.
CELSIUS Demonstrator Genoa Inauguration

14 June: Fjärrsyn final Conference, Stockholm

13-14 June: UNEP District Energy Workshop, Santiago de Chile

8 June: Business Sweden Conference: Nordic Efficiency – District Energy of Tomorrow, Paris
Round-table discussion: Optimizing district energy with lower temperatures

7 June: CELSIUS Talk: Funding solutions for DE development
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS wiki.

30 May: UNEP DES Initiative Partners Meeting, Paris

14-17 May: 38th EuroHeat and Power Congress, Glasgow

2 May: CELSIUS Talk: Business models for DHC
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS wiki.

19 April: CELSIUS Talk: Views on private metering
View this webinar here.

5 April: CELSIUS Talk: District Heating maintenance – preventative measures
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS wiki.

3 April: Hamburg Institut Conference on District Heating, Hamburg

27-28 March: H2020 PLANHEAT launch, Krakow
Panel discussion on empowering cities in buidling DHC

22 March: Meeting: Challenges and opportunities of financing DHC projects, Brussels
With DG Energy and EIB; hosted by EuroHeat & Power

15-17 March: EUROCITIES Environment Forum Meeting: Energy Transition in Cities, Antwerp
Working group for Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

7 March: Heat Roadmap Europe 4 workshop, Brussels
Synergies between projects – CELSIUS, PLANHEAT, CoolHeating, HRE4, THERMOS

1 March: CELSIUS City Talk: Dublin
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

21 – 22 February: CELSIUS Workshop in collaboration with Métropole de Lyon: DHC Days 2017: Local to Global Approaches for Innovative District Energy Solutions, Lyon
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Grand Lyon 1Grand Lyon lokal

14 February: CELSIUS Talk:Social marketing
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

30 January: CELSIUS Chat: Short-term storage
Access to CELSIUS City LinkedIn Group chat

25 January: International Solar Energy Sociaty: Renewable district heating and local heat planning webinar
To access webinar recording.

25 January: CELSIUS Talk: Heating and cooling strategy development
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

25 January: Swedish Energy conference: Distribution days, Stockholm

18 January: CELSIUS Talk: 4th generation DH systems
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.


14 December: CELSIUS Talk: Seasonal storage and short-term storage
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

1-2 December: SET Plan/ CEEC Conference 2016, Bratislava
Poster presentation sessions


23 November: Inclusive Smart Cities: A European Manifesto on Citizen Engagement, Brussels

23 November: CELSIUS City Talk: Lille
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

22 November: EIP-SCC Action Cluster Meeting, Brussels
Integrated Planning and Policy Regulations

16 November: CELSIUS Talk: IT solutions for demand side management
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

7-9 November: Workshop with HOFOR, Copenhagen
Economic control room and service agreements.

25 October: Swedish energy trade association yearly conference, Linköping
CELSIUS presentation

19 October: CELSIUS Talk: Building level optimisation of district heating systems
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

18 October: EASME Contractors Meeting on Web-based and Electronic Tools for Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Brussels
Apps and web-based tools in EU projects are used to improve energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel dependency.

11-12 October: EuroHeat & Power’s District Energy Days, Brussels
In panel discussion on the status and future of DHC solutions.

11-12 October: Norweigian District Heating Days 2016, Oslo
CELSIUS presentation on demonstrator District Heating to ships in harbour

29 September: CELSIUS City Talk: Ljubljana
Focus on end user engagement and substation optimisation.

26-28 September: 2nd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating, Aalborg

22 September: EIP SCC Initiative “From Planning to Implementation” Workshop, Brussels
Next Steps in Developing the Smart Cities Guidance Package

21 September: CELSIUS Talk: Putting pipes in the ground
This webinar is now availabe in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

7 September: CELSIUS Webinar: Brokerage event with the Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Swedish Environmental Research Institute

24 August: Finnish District Heating Days, Mikkeli, Finland
CELSIUS presentation: Actions and strategies for the future district heating markets in Gothenburg.

24 August: CELSIUS Talk: New approaches to understanding and evaluating the risks in DH investments
This webinar is now availabe in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

13 July: CELSIUS Talk: Editing the CELSIUS Toolbox – tips and tricks
This webinar is now availabe in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

22 June: District heating in industrial zones with residual heat and other renewable energy sources, Granollers
Presentations on CELSIUS Toolbox and Gothenburg district heating network.

22 June: CELSIUS Talk: District Cooling in Gothenburg and Rotterdam
This webinar is now availabe in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

13-17 June: EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels
13 June, My Smart City District Webinar “Food for thought” – Money matters and balancing limited financial resources in energy efficiency Available on YouTube
15 June, EUSEW Panel Debate: The heat in on – energy union, from principle to practice
16 June, My Smart City District Webinar: “Food for thought” – District heating and cooling solutions for the future Available on YouTube

24 May: CELSIUS Workshop: Roadmap towards efficient and sustainable district heating and cooling solutions, Genoa

17-18 May: CELSIUS Workshop: The role of district heating and cooling in Europe’s energy transition, Warsaw

More documentation from this workshop is now availabe in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

12 May: CELSIUS Webinar: Finding the win-win situation of recuperating residual heat
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

4 May: Covenant of Mayor and CELSIUS Webinar: Unlocking the potential for local energy efficiency and self-sufficiency through smart district energy systems

19-21 April: International Trade Fair and Congress for Heating, Cooling and CHP, Frankfurt

20 April: CELSIUS Webinar: Business cases: developing Commercial opportunities
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

5-6 April: CELSIUS Workshop in collaboration with Finnish Energy: District heating and cooling – Future challenges and showcases of good solutions, Gothenburg

22 March: CELSIUS Talk: CELSIUS Toolbox launch
This webinar is now availabe here on the homepage.

17 March: Concerted Action for the EED, Hague
CELSIUS presentation: Smart city heating and cooling in Europe

11 March: CELSIUS Talk: Heat mapping as a planning tool
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.

2-3 March: Urban future global conference, Graz

1 March: CELSIUS workshop, Cologne

17 February: CEN/CENELEC workshop on Adaptaton to Climate Change, Berlin 
CELSIUS presentation: Adapting energy infrastructure to climate change – heating and cooling

During the workshop, a short film about climate change adaptation was shown:

3 February: CELSIUS Talk: Why heat mapping – a GLA perspective
This webinar is now available in the CELSIUS Toolbox.


9 December: CELSIUS and CITyFiED webinar: Tools for a smarter more energy efficient future, part 2
The webinar is now available online. Click on the link to view the webinar.

2 December: DEPA workshop -Introducing DEPA and highlighting the emerging opportunities in the market for district heating in the UK, Stockholm

30 November – 11 December: United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), Paris
2 December: Amorce’s 11th District Heating Conference: “CELSIUS – Le développement des réseaux à Rotterdam et en Europe”
3 December: Cities & Regions Pavilion – TAP2015: “Gothenburg – Green Bonds and sustainable urban development”
3 December: Cities & Regions Pavilion – TAP2015: Sustainability in the Built environment
7 December: Sustainable Innovation Forum, SIF15: CELSIUS is represented through Green Gothenburg

24 November: CELSIUS and CITyFiED webinar: Tools for a smarter more energy efficient future, part 1
The webinar is now available online. Click on the link to view the webinar.

Question from webinar: What is the monthly district heating cost for a typical Gothenburg family? This is dependent on the type and size of living space, how insulated the house is, the outdoor temperature, etc. This reply will use city average numbers and includes the following assumptions: the size of a family’s living area in a multi-family building is 65 square meters, average district heating use is 150 kWh/square meter and year, and the current average cost of district heating in Gothenburg is 0.0615 Euro/kWh. This gives (65 x 150 x 0.0615) an approximate annual cost of 600 Euro. (This cost also includes heating of hot water.)

17-19 November: Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona

IMG_0286Katrina Folland, CELSIUS Coordinator, and Emilia Pisani, CELSIUS Project Officer, receive the World Smart City Finalist Award, recognizing pioneering smart projects to aid cities in becoming more sustainable, efficient, economically viable and livable.

10 November: CELSIUS Workshop: CELSIUS Demonstrators with Bunhill Heat and Power Network site visit, Islington Borough, London

4-6 November: EUROCITIES AGM: CELSIUS – energy efficiency through district heating and cooling, Malmö and Copenhagen

31 October: Energy performance on EU Buildings Directive, Public consultation

20-21 October: SMART Cities – Sustainable, Innovative, Connected & Together – The City 2.0, Stockholm

19-23 October: ISOCARP Congress, Groningen

15-16 October: Riga Energy Days: CELSIUS – 50 cities pathway to secure their energy supply, Riga

15 October: Covenant of Mayors and Mayors Adapt Signature Ceremony, Brussels

13 October: Smart Cities Information Systems, Coordinators meeting, Brussels

7-8 October: BW2E (Belgian Waste to Energy), No time to waste, Roeselare

7 October: EuroHeat & Power and DHC+ Technology Platform Brokerage event – Make the right connection, Brussels

27 September – 3 October: 10th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Dubrovnik

23 September: DEPA Master Class, London

18 September: World Expo, Milan

17 September: Sustainable places, Savona

17 September: CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management Seminar, Brussels

16 September: From Plan to Action – Smart Cities case studies and solutions ready for replication, Brussels

Presentations from the event

Key note speakers
An introduction to smart cities and communities, Georg Houben, Policy Support Officer European Commission, DG Energy
Connecting cities through replicable solutions, Simona Costa, EIP – Integrated Planning Policy and Regulation AC leader
New financial instruments for sustainable investment, Gianni Carbonaro, Head of bilateral advisory services on financial instruments, EIB

Smart Cities panel
CELSIUS, Åsa Jardeby, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
CITyFiED, Ali Vasallo, CARTIF Technology Centre
STEEP, Nora Mendoza, Fomento San Sebastián
TRANSFORM, Roberta Casapietra, IRE

Cologne, Georg Tillman, RheinEnergie AG
Genoa, Carolina Ferrando, D’Appolonia S.p.A.
Gothenburg, Tina Mårlind, Göteborg Energy AB
Islington and London, Lucy Padfield, Islington Council
Rotterdam, Wouter Verhoeven, Warmtebedrijf Infra

9 September: EU District Heating and Cooling Consultation Forum, Brussels

2 September: DEPA Master Class, London

27-29 August: International seminar on DHC and CHP, Soeul

2-3 July: CELSIUS and STRATEGO workshop:Multi-level actions for enhanced heating and cooling action plans, Gothenburg

29 June: EU-China urbanisation partnership Smart Cities subforum, Brussels

16-18 June: EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference, Brussels

10 June: Design Ecologies: Challenging anthropocentrism in the design of sustainable futures, Stockholm

2-5 June: 5th edition of the Smart City Event, Amsterdam

2 June: CELSIUS Workshop: Social marketing, Rotterdam

28 May: Swedish Cities in Smart Cities (4S) Meeting, Gothenburg

26-27 May: CELSIUS Workshop: How to make your district heating more innovative and energy efficient, Gothenburg

20-22 May: Metropolitan Solutions, Berlin

6-7 May: All Energy Conference, Glasgow

20-22 May: Metropolitan Solutions – Technology and services for cities, Berlin

27-28 April: 37th EuroHeat & Power Congress, Tallinn

15-17 April: EUROCITIES – Economic Development Forum, Genoa

9-15 April: National CIRIAF Congress – Environment and Sustainable Development, Perugia

18 March: Urban Magma Conference, Malmö

3-5 March: EcoBuild Exhibition and Conference, London

26-27 February: Heating and Cooling in the EU energy transission, Brussels

17 February: CELSIUS demonstrator inauguration: DH to White goods, Gothenburg

9 January: Intelligent Cities: Sustianability and big data Seminar, Delft


3 December: Amorce’s 10th Annual District Heating Conference: District Heating – the engine of the energy transition, Paris

1 December: CELSIUS Demonstrator inauguration: DH to ferry in port, Gothenburg

20-21 November: StepUp Conference: Developing, enhancing and financing sustainable energy action plans and projects, Riga

20 November: Final E-hub Event: Technologies for a Smart and Happy City – real applications and replicability opportunities, Genoa

18-20 November: SMART City Expo: World Congress, Barcelona

18 November: CELSIUS coaching session, Antwerp

16 October: CELSIUS Conference in EU Parliament: The role of district heating in energy efficiency and security of supply, Brussels

3 October: EUROCITIES Working Group meeting, Copenhagen

30 September-2 October: Waste and recycling, Water and Sewage, District Heating Conference, Jönköping

9 September: 14th International Symposium on DHC, Brussels

2 September: NE England study visit and knowledge sharing in Gothenburg: Towards a sustainable future, Gothenburg

1 September: French delegation on district heating study trip: CELSIUS and District Heating, Gothenburg

1-3 September: i-SUP2014: Industry and Innovative Sustainable Production Growth and Sustainability, Antwerp

29 August: EU Commission with DGE visit at Göteborg Energi, Gothenburg

23-27 June: EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels

16-20 June: Smart Week, Genoa

12 June: Climate-KIC meeting: Business and Knowledge, Gothenburg

3-5 June: Green Week Conference on European environmental policy, Brussels

13-14 May: Beyond 2020 – a sustainable energy system, Nynäshamn

7 May: Research and Innovation Day (TU-dag) at Göteborg Energi, Gothenburg

28-29 April: Euroheat & Power Annual Conference, Brussels

23-25 April: Energy Conference, Riga

23 April: CELSIUS Demonstrator Inauguration: Heat Hub, Rotterdam

10 April: Klimat Kommunerna (Climate Municipalities organisation) networking meeting, Gothenburg

9-10 April: District Heating Days, Stockholm

19 March: SMARTinMED Workshop, Milan

26-27 February: 10th International Energy From Waste Conference, London

17 February: EUROCITIES: seminar on the need for and priorities of a greater urban dimension to EU policy, Brussels


10 October: CELSIUS Demonstrator inauguration: Waste heat recovery from sewage demonstrator, Cologne

25 September: District Heating mission Scotland – Sweden, Gothenburg

24 September: Inauguration of Gothenburg European Office, Brussels

14-16 May: Chalmers Energy Conference, Gothenburg