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Waste heat capture from the London Underground​

The London Underground’s mid-tunnel ventilation shaft and UK Power Network’s electricity substation have been identified as sources of waste heat that could be utilised within the local Bunhill Heat and Power Network. This demonstrator will look at how these sources of waste heat can be captured and integrated into this local district heating system. Transport for […]


​Solar heat to district heating system

In collaboration with a customer, Göteborg Energy connected a solar plant to the district heating system in 2000. This is the first time a solar plant is connected to the district heating system in Gothenburg so the evaluation of the project is important. The local condition in Gothenburg is not optimal for solar heat due […]


Expansion turbine for mechanical energy recovery

The objective associated to Genoa’s demonstrator is to increase the overall energy efficiency associated to the industrial gas distribution activity. Thus, within an important area of the city, the development of a local energy system connected to the nearby industrial park is planned. The main components of the Demonstrator are: an expansion turbine by which […]


Waste heat recovery from sewage

In large cities such as Cologne, heat generation accounts for more than two thirds of stationary energy consumption. That’s why the search is in for ways to make more efficient use of non-fossil energy sources to create more sustainable heating systems in metropolitan areas. One idea is to recover heat from wastewater systems that is […]


​CHP and biofuels

Göteborg Energi has several heat supply production units. Different kinds of fuel are used, among them bio oil, recovered wood waste and wood pellets. ​Sävenäs boiler HP3 was built in 1985 as a clean coal boiler to produce heat for district heating. In years gone by, the boiler has been converted to produce heat with cheaper […]


​Vertical City – “De Rotterdam”

In a 160,000 m2 mixed use building designed by Rem Koolhaas, an integrated energy system will be demonstrated. A high-temperature hot water heat distribution system supplies water to all functions needed (residential and hotel). Through a low-temperature heating system, heat is supplied to other functions (offices, commercial premises and shops). Cold is centrally generated through three water-cooled compression chillers […]


​​Recovery of waste incineration heat

Approximately 500 000 tons of waste is incinerated in Gothenburg each year. Half the refuse comes from households and the other half from, among other things, businesses.  Four incinerators are in operation and the exhaust gases go through a cleaning system. Thirty percent of the heat in the district heating network is delivered from the waste incineration plant, supplying […]


Industria​l waste heat recovery

In Gothenburg, the central heating is produced both within the company and exterally. The external production units are supplying the base-load. All heat from the industry are classfied as waste heat and would be released into the air or into water bodies, such as Göta Älv, the river that runs through Göteborg. Our production facilities include […]