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​Vertical City – “De Rotterdam”

In a 160,000 m2 mixed use building designed by Rem Koolhaas, an integrated energy system will be demonstrated. A high-temperature hot water heat distribution system supplies water to all functions needed (residential and hotel). Through a low-temperature heating system, heat is supplied to other functions (offices, commercial premises and shops). Cold is centrally generated through three water-cooled compression chillers […]


Active Network Management

​In order to create a district-wide energy network, Active Network Management (ANM) integrates decentralised energy generation and district heating systems with the electricity distribution network. The objective of the ANM scheme is to inform the models that are used to assess if decentralised energy plants (embedded generation) can connect to the electricity network and, if so, under what operating regime they can […]


​​​System integration with other municipalities

In Gothenburg smaller islands of district heating systems have been connected. Also the district heating network in Gothenburg has been connected to the systems in two other municipalities. This enables a better optimization of the heat in the system, and ​allows the smaller municipalities planning flexibility ​in periodic maintenance. Excess heat in one area can be moved to another […]


Control system for efficient energy use

The objective associated to Genoa’s demonstrator is to increase the overall energy efficiency associated to the industrial gas distribution activity. Thus, within an important area of th​e city, the development of a local energy system connected to the nearby industrial park is planned. The main components of the Demonstrator are: an expansion turbine by which […]