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The Celsius Toolbox is a technology independent knowledge-transfer platform. We want it to be the magnetic converter of knowledge for your city’s energy transition. It’s based on dialog with focus on sustainable heating and cooling solutions and tools.

In the race against the clock to achieve the sustainability goals regarding energy systems in cities, there is no need to re-invent the wheel repeatedly. Innovative solutions and efficient tools have already been developed and demonstrated. But few have reached readiness and deployment.

Now decisionmakers in the field, can use the Celsius Toolbox knowledge hub. You will not only find high quality facts, results and reflections. More importantly, you can use them as tools to enable and speed up the needed transition in your city.

Help us grow the Toolbox knowledge hub

“Our role is to convert project results into something that is understandable and useful for the key stakeholders and decisionmakers that are driving the energy transition in the cities,” explains Monica Axell, head of business development Built Environment, at RISE. “We are looking for enablers of change!

Through the Celsius Offer, we invite new projects to contribute to the development of the toolbox with sustainable solutions and tools in the fields of governance, financial instruments, business models, technology and stakeholder engagement”.

A team of experts from RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) are combing through over 350 articles, from the Celsius Wiki – a district heating and cooling focused wiki created by the previous Celsius project.

Make an impact

This material is now becoming available on the dialog-based platform, the Celsius Toolbox.  It is technology independent and focuses on the needs of the cities. We want the Toolbox to grow organically in response to the interests expressed by the cities and in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Therefore, this new knowledge-transfer hub will provide partnering projects a possibility to leave a long-term legacy. When allowed in the Toolbox, the work produced will have the possibility to make an impact even after the end of each project.

Sharing experience – a fast track to transition

“Compared to the Celsius Wiki, the Toolbox is much more user-friendly. The standard of quality is significantly higher since all articles have been reviewed and often improved by a group of experts” she continues. Not to mention that all the compiled information is becoming available to the public on the actual Celsius site. The predecessor – the wiki was password protected.

Moreover, since interaction and dialog between the stakeholders is key, at the end of each article there is a dedicated section where the Toolbox users can comment. In fact, Monica insists “we greatly encourage users to complement and share the available information as well as other readers’ comments. When sharing your experience, we all get a fast track to the needed transition.

We want the Toolbox to be so attractive, so much of a magnet, that people go here first and share experience. In helping us to take the Toolbox to this next level we soon have the needed fast track to the transition” Monica concludes.

You are invited!

To learn more about the Celsius Toolbox, we invite you to join us on Thursday January 30, 2020 for a webinar to mark the Official Launch of the Celsius Toolbox. More information to come soon.


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