European cities have experienced a winter with very high energy prices and Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has, in a painful way, shown us the importance of becoming energy independent. These reasons, added to the already alarming climate change, make the mission of Celsius to help cities in their strive for sustainable, fossil-free heating and cooling, even more urgent.

This month we dedicated our Celsius Talk to energy security and cost comparisons of various heating solutions. We heard examples from Denmark and Estonia and we learned about a new tool to compare cost of heating from various heat supply alternatives.

Here you can download the calculation tool developed by the project ReUseHeat comparing costs of different heating options.

The webinar ended with a panel discussion on how to reduce regional dependency on fossil fuels imports from countries where the geopolitical situation can change rapidly.


Oddgeir Gudmundsson, Danfoss
Dmytro Romanchenko, IVL, ReUseHeat
Anna Volkova, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)
Moderator: Oliver Ingwall King

For the panel discussion Kristina Lygnerud, IVL, and Lars Larsson, Ramboll, also took part.


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News Celsius Talk: Energy Security for Cities