There are more green financial instruments than ever before from major funders and investors supporting sustainable solutions. Still, it is very challenging for cities and heating and cooling providers to find adequate capital allowing them to finance projects deploying technologies that will enable a leap in the energy transition.

In the hopes to help cities overcome the financing barriers they face, The Smart Cities Marketplace’s Sustainable Districts and Build Environment Action Cluster, and the Celsius Initiativeare, are pleased to present this workshop marking the launch of its Heating and Cooling Initiative. Focusing on financing integrated energy systems, it puts a spotlight on identified challenges and gives recommendations for how they can be resolved. 

In collaboration with the Urban Agenda Energy Transition Partnership (UAETP), The Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster and the Horizon 2020 project FlexiGrid, the Celsius Initiative will produce advisory report for the EIB and DG Energy on abridging the gap between funders and energy transition projects. During this webinar, participants had the opportunity to both learn about and give valuable feedback on the paper.

The webinar includes presentations from:

It is moderated by Magnus Andersson, Financing Expert at the Celsius initiative and Partner at IMCG.

Click here for the presentation slides.

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