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Celsius Summit 2021 – Energy Democracy – Online from Strasbourg

Welcome to the Celsius Summit 2021, 24-25 November, hosted by the City of Strasbourg!

The energy transition concerns everyone. Its success will highly rely on its democratic and inclusive dimensions, at every level. This is especially true when looking at heating and cooling systems, which must be sustainable, affordable, and accessible for all.

In this context, cities are the direct guarantors of these values. There will be no silver bullet to decarbonise these systems. Considering the different (and sometimes opposed) interacting perspectives, one question arises: how can cities ensure that heating and cooling systems are efficient, sustainable, and democratic? Overcoming these challenges will be key to reach the European climate targets on time.

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Program, 24 November  Different perspectives

Moderator: Annette Gerlach

13:30 Opening plenary
Welcome from Strasbourg  Marc Hoffsess, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg
Keynotes Ciarán Cuffe, Member of the European Parliament; Julien Joubert, Energy Cities & Julie Purdue, AMORCE

15:00  Coffee break

15:15 Roundtable discussion on Energy Democracy
End-user engagement and acceptability of DH – Astrid Madsen, Independent Consultant (NL)
Cooperatives and heat communities Bob D’Haeseleer, Eeklo (BE)
Lies Debbaut, City of Bruges and the SHIFFT project (BE)

16:00  Breakout room discussions
Room 1: Policy perspective
Room 2: Customers’ and utilities’ perspective on heating and cooling
Nathalie Fransson, IVL
Sem Oxenar, Rescoop.eu
Daniel Lundqvist, Swedenergy
Room 3: 
Stakeholder engagement
Laura Uuttu-Deschryvere – The Helsinki Energy Challenge example
Paulius Martinkus – Vilnius Hackaton

16:45 Conclusions

Program, 25 November Implementation

9:30 – Roundtable discussion on Collaboration within and between Cities
Collaboration at a national level – Dublin City Council (IE)
Collaboration at an international level – Guillaume PerrinFNCCR (FR)
Collaboration between cities in the Celsius Forerunner group – Oliver Ingwall King, Johanneberg Science Park (SE)

11:00 – Coffee break

11:15 – Parallel workshops
Workshop 1: Celsius policy workshop
Melanie Bourgeois – Energy Cities (EED) 
Pauline Lucas – Euroheat & Power (RED

Workshop 2: 
Waste Heat
Oliver Rosebrock – Veolia ReUseHeat project – waste heat recovery from data centres and other urban sources (DE) 
Thierry Willm – Eurométropole Strasbourg WH recovery from steel factory in DE (Strasbourg, FR) 
Erik Rylander – Stockholm Exergi (SE) – waste heat recovery from data centres (SE) 

Workshop 3: Geothermal heat
Marit Brommer – International Geothermal Association, as moderator 

12:15 – Conclusions

12:30 – Networking afternoon


Nov 24 - 25 2021


Celsius Inititiative


Celsius Inititiative

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Celsius Summit 2021 – Energy Democracy – Online from Strasbourg