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Celsius Talk: Bridging the funding gap

“We don’t lack money, but we lack good projects to lend money to.”
– a banker during an interview on financing urban excess heat recovery investments.

Many cities across Europe aim for sustainability and a reduced climate impact. Many times, these ambitions are halted due to deprioritization, knowledge gaps or, perhaps most commonly, a lack of funds. But, there are many European funding and support mechanisms that can help cities achieve their ambitions, particularly now with the launch of the Green Deal. The problem is that they’re not being used in full – there is a gap between the resources available and the organisations they are meant for. The upside is that this means there are still funds and support available. During this webinar we will try to reduce the gap between resources and cities by explaining some of the resources available and encourage you, the cities, to apply for them. We will show you where, how, and when to apply and give examples of viable projects for these types of support.

We will look at Horizon Europe’s mission on Climate Neutral Cities, the European Innovations Fund, the Green Deal calls, and the Smart Cities Marketplace Matchmaking programme.

Get expert input and participate in the discussion on:

Horizon Europe’s Mission on Climate Neutral Cities
With Allan Larsson, vice-chair for the EU Mission Board on Climate Neutral Cities

European Innovations Fund
With Sebastian Marx, EU Advocacy & Project Development Consultant

The Green Deal calls
With Patrik Klintbom, senior researcher at RISE, Chair for ETIP-Bioenergy SC, Research Director Technology Triple F and more

Smart Cities Marketplace Matchmaking programme
With Eelco Kruizinga, matchmaking specialist Smart Cities Marketplace

Moderated by Astrid Burhöi, Research, Innovation and Transportation Advisor for the Region Västra Götaland Brussels Office.

Given the importance of this topic and to make sure there is plenty of time for questions and discussion, this webinar will be longer than the usual Celsius Talks.


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Oct 20 2020


10:00 - 11:30



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Celsius Talk: Bridging the funding gap