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Celsius Talk: The Celsius Forerunner Groups

You are kindly invited to the upcoming Celsius Talk marking the launch of the Celsius Forerunner Groups on Thursday March 26th at 10:30 CET.

Based on the premise that cities and districts are in a position to take the lead in the energy transitions, the Celsius Initiative in now creating forerunner groups where cities and experts can come together to facilitate the implementation of heating and cooling solutions. Based on a peer to peer approach, committed cities will work together around a common challenge supporting one city at a time, a spearhead city, and implementing a solution to said challenge.

Based on interviews carried out with key cities, we are launching a co-creation process for the following three pilot forerunner groups:

1) Getting started
Working with Dublin as the spearhead city, in collaboration with Codema – Dublin’s Energy Agency, this group aims to help cities put pipes in the ground and start new district energy systems in a successful and efficient way.

2) Waste heat recuperation
In collaboration with the Urban Agenda Energy Transition Partnership (UAETP) and the ReUseHeat project, this group aims to facilitate waste energy recuperation in order to reduce the use of primary energy sources, particularly fossil-fuel based ones.

3) Decarbonisation
Contributing to the EuroCities working group for Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change,  this group aims to help cities decarbonise their district energy systems by removing polluting energy sources, maximising renewables and making the systems more efficient.

Please note that more groups will be formed to answer the demand and interest expressed by our member cities. Join us on Thursday March 26 at 10:30 CET and help us get the discussion started on how we can best help cities implement smart and sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

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The Speakers

Katrina Folland

Coordinator of the Celsius Initiative at Johanneberg Science Park

With over 20 years of experience working for the city of Gothenburg, Katrina has an overall strategic managing perspective including the contact with the EU Commission. She has great knowledge in the fields of policy and planning as well as the know-how of working with climate and energy issues in an EU context. Her prior role as coordinator of the initial CELSIUS project has made her known as the “Mother of Celsius” in soe circles.

Henrik Bristav

Senior Project Developer at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

With over 20 years of experience as a Sustainability Strategist for Umeå Energi in the North of Sweden, Henrik is now the head energy systems expert for the Celsius Initiative.

John O’Shea

Energy Systems Analyst at Codema – Dublin’s Energy Agency

With a long experience in district energy, energy master-planning, techno economic analysis and sustainable business case development, John is now responsible for the development of a heat source map for Dublin and a Transition Roadmap for South Dublin – providing technical advice, partaking in stakeholder engagement, developing procurement strategy and evaluation, and performing whole-life cost benefit analysis for proposed DH systems in Dublin.

Pauline Lucas

Policy Officer at Euroheat & Power

As a policy officer within the energy policy team, she covers efficiency and decarbonisation of the District Heating & Cooling sector across several files ETS, industrial emissions, renewable energy directive. Within EHP Waste Heat Task Force, she is working together with members to exchange and map out the potential and challenges for waste heat utilisation.

Aksana Krasatsenka

Project & Communication Officer at Euroheat & Power

Aksana has in her portfolio a number of EU funded projects (such as Sunstore4, SDHPlus, STRATEGO, Heat Roadmap Europe 4, ReUseHeat and Upgrade DH) with leading roles in communication and dissemination activities.



Mar 26 2020


10:30 - 11:30



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Celsius Talk: The Celsius Forerunner Groups