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Collaboration Synergies for Innovation and a Green Transition

Cross-border collaboration has proven to be key in driving forward European innovation. Moreover, in order to reach the 2050 goals of a carbon neutral economy in Europe, we must develop and replicate solutions that work for each actor, be it at a city, regional, national and international level.

One of the main challenges is that what may be ground-breaking innovation for some, is yesterday’s news for others, as leading-edge technologies in certain places may be science-fiction in others. Furthermore, it is often in the cities who have the longest and hardest way to go in their energy transition where we can make the biggest difference.

Through this workshop, co-organised by Sustainable Heating and Cooling by Sweden and the Celsius Initiative, we will look at the importance of creating collaboration possibilities for all levels of innovation. Some of the questions that will be addressed during the workshop are:

  • How can we drive innovation in more “advanced” systems while supporting countries where we can have the greatest impact?
  • How can we innovate energy efficiency solutions with existing products and create value for the ecosystem?
  • How can we help those who have the longest way to go leapfrog into the future by learning and building on the experiences of those who have come further in their energy transition and modernisation journey.

Inspired by the Swedish fika, taking a coffee with friends, this session will focus on open dialogue and joint brainstorming. Join the discussion on how we can together drive the energy transition for a greener future through cross-border collaboration. Learn from the experiences of:

This workshop will be moderated by Emilia Pisani, Communications Officer at Johanneberg Science Park.


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May 03 2021


09:30 - 10:45

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Collaboration Synergies for Innovation and a Green Transition