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Digital Heating & Cooling – Best Practice

IT solutions facilitating Design, Installation, O&M and overall performance of heating and cooling networks

The Digital Transformation is gaining pace in the sector of decarbonising heating and cooling. It’s about time. Solutions that have since long revolutionised other industries, are only now entering the world of heat networks and energy efficiency. The impact will be as significant as are the new opportunities in improving financial and environmental performance as well as reliability and end-user convenience.

The concept of digitalisation generates a range of questions. What does it really mean, how do we do it in practice and where and when to begin? The key question to ask as a start is why we should do it. What are the current challenges new digital solutions can address, and what additional benefits can we expect in terms of generating revenues and customer value, while reducing Capex, Opex and risks.

It all starts with understanding what the new digital solutions will enable us to do. Who, apart from Steve Jobs, could write the spec on a smart phone before the first iPhone was launched? The functions offered by our mobiles today would have been considered fantasy only a few years ago. What new opportunities will we take for granted in our industry five years from now?

At the up-coming session we will highlight a selection of new digital solutions and how they have been applied in practice by some of the most innovative cities and energy operators in Finland and Sweden. Speakers and topics include:

– Helen OY, Helsinki–Jaakko Tiittanen–Integrating information and AI
– Öresundskraft, Helsingborg –Patrik Hermansson –Organisationalimpact
– Tampereen Sähkölaito, Tampere –Ville Kouhia –Digitalising Heat Networks
– City of Gothenburg –Simon Wallqvist –Digital twin in city planning
– Göteborg Energi –Eric Zinn –Digital Tomatoes

Click here for more information and a detailed programme for the event – To register, please send a mail to Peter Anderberg (pa@heatacademy.eu)


Oct 21 2020


09:00 - 10:30




Digital Heating & Cooling – Best Practice