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Policy Workshop – Energy Integration: From Policy to Action

Energy system integration is the pathway towards an effective, affordable and deep decarbonisation of the European economy. As MAGNITUDE comes to an end, policy recommendations have been issued, detailing a transnational approach for multi-energy system integration. The significance of these recommendations will be discussed as part of two roundtable discussions. The first discussion will focus on the high level aspects of system optimization and the implications for energy planning at European and member state level. This will be followed by a look at what integration means for owners of energy infrastructure, and the regulatory barriers that may prevent collaboration between them.
09:20–09:40 Introduction to the MAGNITUDE project
– Regine Belhomme (EDF)
09:40–10:00 Keynote speech
10:00–11:10 EU Green Deal: What next for sector integration?
With the publication of the EU Energy System Integration Strategy, profound changes in the organization of the energy system are expected in the coming years. What does this mean for member states and how will the strategy help to deliver climate neutrality by 2050? An integrated and optimized energy system will require unprecedented levels of planning and cooperation, at all levels of the system.
– Laurent Schmitt (ETIP SNET)
– Paul Voss (Euroheat & Power)
– Marion Labatut (EDF)
Moderator: Alessandro Provaggi (DHC+ Technology Platform)
11:10–11:20 Break
11:20–12:30 What’s the status on the ground?
A more integrated system requires the linking of different energy sources, sectors and infrastructure to support the decarbonization process. This implies significant changes in the roles of, and interactions between, different actors in the system. This session will examine what this integration means for actors in the electricity, gas and heating and cooling sectors, with a focus on regulatory barriers.
– Marina Galindo Fernández (Tilia)
– Jan Ingwersen (ENTSO-G)
– Olivier Lebois (ENTSO-E)
Moderator: Jack Corscadden (DHC+ Technology Platform)


Mar 18 2021


09:20 - 12:30

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Policy Workshop – Energy Integration: From Policy to Action