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Old Networks – New Technologies – Session I

District Heating has been a success story in the Nordic region over the past 50 years. There is now a need to modernise the systems installed. What are the technologies and solutions available to enable this?

Following years of success district Energy operators in Sweden, and in other mature markets, are faced with a new set of challenges. To secure future market shares, technical performance and financial results there is now a need to modernise the systems installed. Operators must repair or replace pipes, modernise connect and control systems and sharpen the value proposition to customers. There is also a need to unlock the full potential for new digital solutions in all areas of activity – customer management, operations, maintenance, design and in overall strategy and decision making processes.

It’s important for decision makers in energy operators to rapidly gain a better understanding of what the new technologies can offer, what to prioritise, and how to implement these solutions in practice to maximise the benefits. The speed of innovation makes it all a fast moving target making future proofing critical for any investment. Going it alone can be a costly and time consuming process. Better then to collaborate, across borders if possible, to share experiences and replicate best practice.

The Heat Leap initiative aims to assist and speed up the process of modernising old heat network systems, and establishing new. Heat Leap will provide a platform for collaboration between operators within and between markets. It will also be a place where suppliers can present new innovative solutions as well as demonstrating benefits from real cases. This will save time and money for all, while reducing the risks of innovation.

The session is organised in collaboration with Halmstad University and is offered free of charge.

To register, please send a mail to register@heatacademy.eu 


Mar 24 2021


13:00 - 14:30


Heat Academy


Heat Academy
Old Networks – New Technologies – Session I