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No energy transition without sustainable cities; no sustainable cities without sustainable heating and cooling. As the 2016 European Commission’s Heating & Cooling Strategy made clear, district energy systems will have to play a significant role to make Europe’s broader climate and energy ambitions a reality. And cities will be in the driver’s seat to make a successful energy transition happen.

The Celsius cities are frontrunners in smart district energy systems and – among all of them – have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experiences that is unprecedented. With rampant urbanisation, other cities in Europe and beyond can greatly benefit from their experiences. At the same time, policy-makers are looking to the local level to better understand what’s happening on the ground, the cities’ needs and barriers, and success stories but also failures.

The Celsius Initiative, with the support of the Brussels-based district heating and cooling association Euroheat & Power has set itself the goal to bring this DHC expertise from the local level all the way the heart of Europe. As Europe draws up a plan on a decarbonized, efficient energy system by 2050, a range of topics – from energy taxation, to green investments – will be on the agenda in the coming years. The Celsius Initiative will speak up and participate in the debate by providing practical inputs and recommendations at EU level

What can Celsius member cities expect in the coming months?

You will receive information if there are any important policy updates happening in Brussels that affect Celsius cities. In addition, there will be targeted opportunities to work jointly on Celsius policy messages and recommendations on the question of district energy and its role in the European and local energy transition. We will guide the process, but it is your local stories and experiences that will be crucial!

If you would like to be involved, reach out to Sofia at Euroheat & Power ().

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