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About the Upgrade DH project

The Upgrade DH project will support and initiate the upgrading process of eight district heating demos in the following European countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and The Netherlands. It will provide the basis for replication to other cities.

Based on the experience from companies in six different European countries, this handbook elaborates technical and non-technical approaches for upgrading existing DH systems.


Many district heating systems need to be continuously upgraded in order to be efficient and have zero (or close to zero) emissions, and thereby contribute to mitigating climate change. However, the overall upgrading process to improve the efficiency of DH systems is complex, sophisticated, and time-consuming. That is why it should be very carefully planned in the long-term.

To assist in this process, the current handbook was elaborated to inform relevant stakeholders; such as decision makers, politicians, utilities, operators, end consumers or potential developers of DH systems; about upgrading opportunities. The ambition of the handbook is not to provide a detailed technical guideline for technicians, but rather to give an overview of retrofitting options. The handbook is available in English and six other languages.

Download The Upgrade DH Handbook in English here: LINK

The handbook is also available in Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Italian, Lithuanian and Polish. Download here: LINK



Upgrade DH


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Impact areas

  • Energy savings
  • A greater share of renewable energy
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced climate impact

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