Accelerating the energy transition in cities


A collaboration hub for efficient, integrated heating and cooling solutions supporting cities in their energy transition to carbon-neutral systems.


Gathers and shares technical, economic, social and policy expertise.


Connects members, exchange and foster innovation, leading to solutions that accelerate sustainable development in Europe and across the world.

The process leading to the realisation of a sustainable and smart heating and cooling project shows a great variance from city to city, district to district. Taking this into consideration, Celsius provides demand driven support actions for cities looking to decarbonise their heating & cooling systems while supplying affordable comfort to its citizens.

As a demand-driven collaboration hub we gather and share knowledge through our Toolbox, newsletter, webinars and various events. Moreover, we connect the members of our network to foster innovative solutions and influence European policy. Join us!

Katrina Folland, Celsius Coordinator

"The Toolbox is user-friendly with high quality"

Celsius Toolbox: an interactive knowledge-transfer platform for heating and cooling solutions.

A fast track for research and innovation

The largest network within heating and cooling offer powerful solutions for your tasks.

We create demand driven Forerunner Groups

We match cities based on their perceived issues and problems so they can jointly find solutions.

​Give cities a voice in Brussels

No energy transition without sustainable cities; no sustainable cities without sustainable heating and cooling. As the 2016 European Commission’s Heating & Cooling Strategy made clear, district energy systems will have to play a significant role to make Europe’s broader climate and energy ambitions a reality. And cities will be in the driver’s seat to make a successful energy transition happen.

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Celsius Summit 2019


Heating and Cooling planning at local level

A heating revolution with solar energy

Celsius Summit 2018

The yearly conference of the Celsius Initiative took place in Brussels in October 2019 and included a summary of the successfully implemented project Fossil-free Energy District (FED).

Heating and cooling will play a decisive role in the long-term decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system: the sector is responsible for 51% of final energy use in Europe and about 27% of CO2 emissions.

Solar thermal energy is becoming increasingly efficient and affordable. This zero-emission renewable resource playing a vital role in the energy transition in Europe.

An overview of the CELSIUS Summit 2018 which took place on November 21, 2018 at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.