Project Impact Support by Celsius Initiative

Tap in and utilize the largest cities network committed to energy transition – Let Celsius Initiative’s Project Impact Support be a cornerstone of your project.


Get access to:

  • over 75 cities,

  • over 80 Celsius supporters,

  • reach 40 000 000 European citizens

  • direct access to European policymakers

Project Impact Support: Helping projects reach their dissemination goals 

For actors applying to European and national funding to develop innovative integrated energy system including heating and cooling solutions in cities, and in need of building capacity through proactive and dedicated action clusters. 

Get direct access to cities, utilities, industries and key partners for collaboration in a well-known innovation platform.  

Reach your dissemination and communication goals including cities – for rapid and efficient stakeholder engagement. 

3 levels of engagement: 


Connecting to the network

  • Communication and innovation platform access and visibility in the Celsius network. Priority access to newsletters, webinars and other events
  • Forerunner groups gathers cities with similar challenges, facilitated workshops with supporting experts
  • Toolbox knowledge and inspiration, sharing experiences and research from project partners


Tailormade communication

everything in Silver and:

  • Project visibility on the Celsius website. Exclusive coverage of your project in the Celsius newsletter
  • Tailored webinars and workshops. Select topics in strategic and tailored round table discussions
  • Annual Celsius summit


Application writing support

everything in Silver and Gold and:

  • Application work support in the making of competitive applications for funding
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Project Impact Support