Welcome to the Celsius Toolbox

a District Energy Knowledge Resource

The Celsius Toolbox aims to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for cities interested in developing district energy (district heating and cooling) solutions. It addresses cities which are just beginning to implement small-scale district heating and cooling networks as well as cities with large established systems endeavoring for even smarter and more efficient solutions.

The Toolbox started as a wiki created within the EU project CELSIUS, sharing experiences and research from the project partners and it is continuously being developed in cooperation with the growing Celsius Network.

The Celsius Toolbox consists of four main elements, read more below.


Business & Finance

  Financial instruments and business models and policy are the key to success.

Policy & Planning

Municipal city planners, developers, politicians, decision makers – this is for you.

Stakeholder Engagement

Citizen and industrial engagement: How to reach out to important stakeholders and the community?

Technical Solutions

The place for technologies and research, from supply to smart use and system integration.

Latest from the Toolbox

Guide to European district energy projects

Guide to European district energy projects

In a new publication over 60 district heating and cooling projects are being highlighted and carefully presented.
Get inspired and collect knowledge from innovative new projects financed by the European Commission.

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