This webinar illustrates strategic energy planning at both the local and national level on a step-by-step basis.

Why do we need strategic energy planning? One of the challenges is the desire of transition to low carbon countries at low cost and minimum resources use, but this is complex. We need to transition cities to low carbon economies, which in turn will decrease the country’s carbon emissions. This presentation suggests how to lower carbon emissions in cities, and lists reasons why better planning is needed. Two examples are given of why planning is needed in order to achieve the least cost, maximise benefits from investments, and realise all opportunities with local resources and between regions.

A strategic energy plan can be divided into three phases, which are outlined in the webinar. First is the development of a concrete long-term national energy strategy. The second step is to make a detailed map of the contents of all municipal plans, and finally defining the goals for municipal and inter-municipal levels within the strategic plan.

The webinar wraps up with the advice to start with imperfect planning.

David Drysdale and Brian Vad Mathiesen, Aalborg University

Simon Sørensen, PlanEnergi

Power point presentation by Brian Vad Mathiesen and David Drysdaleby

Date of webinar

December 2016

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Toolbox Policy & Planning Barriers and solutions Webinar: SmartEnCity – Strategic energy planning in countries and cities