Based on the premise that cities and districts are in a position to take the lead in the energy transitions, the Celsius Initiative has created Forerunner Groups – where cities and experts can come together to facilitate the planning and implementation of smart and sustainable heating and cooling solutions. For the third round of the Forerunner Groups, we will be focusing on the following challenges:

Financing: helping cities prepare an investment case and connect with investors to finance their heating and cooling projects.

Waste Heat: facilitating waste heat recuperation from urban environments.

LTDH: supporting cities with mature district energy networks transition to 4th and 5th generation systems.

Fossil Free: removing fossil-fuels as energy sources in district energy networks.

Cooling: deploying efficient and sustainable cooling systems.

Cities with similar challenges will gather around a common topic to discuss with each-other, and with supporting experts, possible solutions to the issues raised by the participating cities. The purpose is to help cities properly plan and implement robust, smart, and sustainable heating and cooling policies, while avoiding failures that may seriously damage the reputation and perception of heating and cooling solutions. In this video you will find out more about different Forerunner Groups, involved cities, base experts, meeting focus and schedule for autumn 2021. As a city, get inspiration and join the Forerunner Groups with fellow cities, facing similar challenges! As an expert, get on board and support the adequate deployment of smart and sustainable heating and cooling solutions across Europe!

The Speakers: Thomas Nowak, EHPA

Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida, RdA Eelco Kruizinga, DNV GL

Aksana Krasatsenka, Euroheat & Power Pauline Lucas, Euroheat & Power

Gabriele Pesce, Euroheat & Power

Giulia Forgnone, Euroheat & Power

Moderator: Oliver Ingwall King, Johanneberg Science Park

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Uncategorized Webinar: The kick-off of the fall 2021 edition of the Celsius Forerunner Groups