We strive against wasting food, why should we waste freely available heat? ReUseHeat offers free pre-feasibility studies on urban waste heat recovery!

ReUseHeat offers free pre-feasibility studies on urban waste heat recovery! Metro systems and data centres can heat our dense city areas.

Almost every city in Europe has a waste water treatment plant, a large variety of tertiary sector buildings, such as hospitals and supermarkets, and many even have metro systems and data centres. What if your community provided a greener, more efficient, more reliable heat using locally sourced energy?
The H2020 project ReUseHeat  looks into system innovations for recovering low temperature waste heat from urban sources. In fact, one of the ReUseHeat demo cases – excess heat recovery from the data centre in Braunschweig, Germany has recently been awarded with the Global District Energy Climate Awards for New Scheme.
In this pilot, the waste heat from a new data centre is fed into an innovative, low-temperature district heating network. Before the recovered heat is injected into the network, its temperature will be raised by the heat pump from 25°C to 70°C.
After having been utilized for space heating and domestic hot water production, the cooled water will then be returned to the heat pump to collect heat from data centre once again.
Graph by BS|ENERGY

Graph by BS|ENERGY

ReUseHeat partners are now offering free pre-feasibility studies for urban waste heat recovery systems which could replicate this and other ReUseHeat demo cases.
In order to be selected for the pre-feasibility study, one should fill in the ReUseHeat survey on urban excess heat sources and represent a significant replication potential. The survey aims to be useful for identifying the potential of urban excess heat sources by contacting relevant actors and stakeholders across the EU.
Urban waste heat owners (with particular focus on data centres, sewage water collectors, tertiary sector buildings and underground stations) are invited to take part! The information collected will be part of an open and public database, contributing to taking a step forward towards the final objective of reaching a more sustainable and decarbonised energy model in Europe!
Among the respondents to the survey, the ReUseHeat team will select five cases that will benefit from a free pre-feasibility study for an urban waste heat recovery system carried out within the project!
For more information, please get in touch with the ReUseHeat partners at info@reuseheat.eu
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