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A new guidebook on how to implement Low-Temperature District Heating was recently published at the Fraunhofer book publisher. The book was edited by Kristina Lygnerud and Sven Werner and the book was written between 2018 and 2021 by seventeen authors within the IEA DHC/CHP TS2 annex. The input came from 250+ literature references and 165 inspiration initiatives to obtain lower temperatures in buildings and heat distribution networks.

Kristina Lygnerud, editor of the book, tell us about the bookhat is the book about?

Photo of Kristina Lygnerud

Kristina Lygnerud, researcher

The book summarizes existing knowledge about low temperature district heating, adds experiences from early implementations (over 160 implementations identified world-wide) and serves as a guide book for anyone who has an interest in the low temperature technology.

Who should read it and how can it be used in the best possible way?

The target audience is broad, ranging from policy makers to practitioners in district energy. It gives insights on technical aspects as well as on the competitiveness of the solutions and on how to transit from high temperature to low temperature systems.

Tell us a little about the work that lies behind the content of the book.

It was a project in two phases, first the contents were identified and then it was an iterative process of co-creating the handbook over a period of 3 years. The team met twice a year for 2 day meetings when the current status on low temperature information was established and discussed.

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