Join the Celsius Initiative, a fast track for research and innovation

The Celsius Initiative offers a fast track for your research and innovation project to gain influence and reach the right stakeholders.

Working with EU projects means hard work setting up communications channels, reaching the EU’s expectations on influencing policy, reaching stakeholders and then redoing this for every project.

By connecting your project to the Celsius Initiative, with records of influencing EU’s energy policy and with about 40 million end-users connected to their network of member cities, this work will not only become more manageable, but the result will be much more productive.
The Celsius Initiative has two offers for European or national projects or those applying for one.

Gold and silver

There are over 70 European cities connected to the Celsius Initiative and also over 70 research institutes and industries working with the energy transition, ready for collaboration. This is the largest network within heating and cooling, and we offer powerful solutions for many of your need-to-do tasks.

Our Silver offer, with a price of 2 percent of your total budget, gives you direct access to a trusted network of cities that spans all of Europe, cities that are already engaged in the transition to sustainable solutions within your field, open for collaboration in scaling and replication initiatives.

You also get to sit in and bring your issues to our working group [link to forerunner group article], where we join forces in proactive action clusters regarding policy and regulation, business models, financing and funding.

Offering matchmaking

Communication lies at the heart of the Celsius Initiative, and your project can use our already existing channels and networks to reach out with news items, events and more through our newsletters, Toolbox, webinars, and events [link to article on the Celsius Summit].

Our Gold offer, costing 4 percent of your total budget, gives you, beyond what is included in the Silver offer, strategic and tailored matchmaking with those you need to reach (our network comprises European cities and institutions, industry representatives, associations and other projects), exclusive articles and space on the newsletter, tailored webinars [link to energy planning webinar we did in collaboration with HotMaps, Thermos and PlanHeat] and workshops, prime visibility on the Celsius website, hands-on support with the Celsius Toolbox and an annual forecast and trend report.

For more information please contact Monica Axell, head of business development at RISE.

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