In the upcoming weeks and months, a number of public consultations are scheduled with relevance for the Celsius cities. While we will reply to these consultations on behalf of Celsius, we would also like to encourage you to also reply on behalf of your city or organisation.Here are the public consultations we are planning to address:

  • Driving Urban Transition (DUT) partnership; for the new EU Innovation & Research Framework Programme (Horizon Europe), the Commission seeks to review the way (co-funded) partnerships will be set up. The Commission asked for proposals from Member States or other actors for partnerships; the DUT partnership aims to be the follow-up programme of the Positive Energy Districts SET Plan and the JPI Urban Europe Programme; public consultation is open until 15 April.
  • LIFE Programme consultation; the European Commission has launched a consultation on the LIFE programme, which is meant to integrate the CSA energy calls (initially under H2020) under the new Framework Programme. LIFE has different funding rules (e.g. lower funding rate.) and different reporting rules. public consultation is open until 27 April.
  • European Climate Pact; The European Commission’s European Green Deal is the new growth strategy for an EU economy that is sustainable, cleaner, safer and healthier. In view of launching a “climate pact” in the 3rd quarter of 2020, they launched a consultation. The public consultation is open until 27 May.

If you are interested in participating in these public consultations, please contact Sofia Lettenbichler from Euroheat & Power at

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News Public Consultations for Spring and Summer 2020