The Horizon 2020 project FlexiGrid joins the Celsius Initiative, benefiting from the great network of integrated energy stakeholders. “Celsius Initiative is a powerful tool for us to plug in to. Market and societal impact through deploying smart integrated energy system lies at the core of FlexiGrid and by joining the initiative our possibilities to reach need owners as the Celsius Cities and utilities doubles multiple times”, says Mats Tiborn IMCG, Head of Communication of FlexiGrid.

Celsius Initiative offers support for innovation projects within cooling and heating, but smart integrated energy systems may not be the first you think of when talking about heating and cooling.

Multi-vector energy systems including heating and cooling for balance, storage, etc as well as power to heat are themes that link this smart grid H2020 project to the Celsius Initiative. The land winning technology connects many of the European energy transition projects right now, and by connecting themselves to the Celsius Initiative, the project gains access to the powerful network that Celsius Initiative consists of.

“We have a clear ambition to create impact and contribute with tools like business models and technologies for cities and industries, that are stuck with old power grids that know they have to update, but don’t know where to start. Joining Celsius Initiative makes both project management, communication and dissemination activities much easier, says Mats Tiborn.

FlexiGrid now joins the Celsius Initiative, which means they gain access to coverage in newsletters, webinars, and connection to cities that are in the middle of the energy transition. Moreover the project will engage in the Celsius Working groups within business models, financial instruments, policy and regulations.

“For me, as a WP leader of communication and dissemination, this saves a lot of time and effort in creating a network on our own to reach end consumers and make our results available on a bigger scene”, says Mats Tiborn.

FlexiGrid is newly a started Horizon 2020-project, executed by 16 partners from 8 European countries. The aim is to provide distribution system operators, the DSOs, with a variety of advanced tools to meet new demands for the transition into fossil-free energy brings while remaining the lead actors on this changing market.

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News Smart integrated energy project joins the Celsius Initiative