This webinar presents different technologies that are being implemented in smart homes to improve their energy efficiency, particularly for the optimisation of district heating consumption. These innovative technologies give the end-users the possibility to understand, monitor, predict and control their energy consumption.


1. SmartHome systems for increasing energy efficiency of heating in residential buildings

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Schneiders, Director of the research project “SmartHome Rösrath” at TH Köln
Power point presentation by Thorsten Schneiders / Short cut to the video recording

The presentation discusses the research question how to increase energy efficiency of heating in residential buildings in a new and alternative way by using smart home technology, with a German focus. In Germany, most of the the residential buildings are relative old and not energy efficient. A general smart-home system is described. It allows the controls of heating and electricity-consuming devices, providing the functionalities energy efficiency, comfort, and security.

The smart home system that was used in the SmartHome Rösrath project is described: components, controls, communication and automation. Also, one example of an underlying principle is what the system should do if the door/window is opened. The project included questionnaires which are also discussed. As a result of answers to questionnaires, a workshop was held for the users. The results are transferrable to similar building stock across Europe.

2. Green IT solutions for district heating

Johan Emanuel, Project Manager for Smart Cities at IMCG
Power point presentation by Johan Emanuel / Short cut to the video recording

The talk is centred around the project Green IT Homes, which has been running for about 8 years. Green IT Homes has a focus on energy efficiency, mainly with a district heating focus where end user studies have been an important part. The presentation shows the difference between the “Old smart metering” and the “New smart metering”, also showing the user interface. The services possibilities for the energy companies are listed.

3. EnReduce IT solution system

Anders Persson, Project Manager at EnReduce
Power point presentation by Anders Persson / Short cut to the video recording

The EnReduce system is described, in some detail. It differs from many of its competitors by mainly using indoor temperature data, while others use outdoor data. The system calculates the amount of stored energy in the building, and how it can be used.

Date of webinar

November 2016

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