Close up of the surface of several solar panels, with a tree reflected in the surface.

Using solar heat for cities: Large fields of solar thermal collectors can supply solar energy to the heat network of a neighbourhood, a village or a town.

Use the sunlight and create a sustainable solution for district heating. The IEA publication Solar Heat for cities: The sustainable solution provides information about solar heating for cities and showcases nine solar district heating systems built in Austria, Denmark, Tibet, France, Germany, Serbia and Latvia.


With Solar District Heating (SDH), there is a large field of solar thermal collectors supplying solar energy to the heat network of a neighbourhood, a village or a town. This field is supplemented by a heating centre, which provides additional energy to meet all the heating needs of connected residential, public or office buildings. The heat network can also be supplied with surplus energy of collectors installed on the roofs of those buildings.

In the brochure linked below, you can read more about the SDH technology and about examples of successful solar district heating systems from all over the world.

The publishers of the brochure are:

  • The International Energy Agency Solar heating and cooling programme
  • European Copper Institute

Read the full report here:
Solar heat for cities – the sustainable solution for district heating


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