The digital Celsius Summit 2021 was held on 24 – 25 November in the city of Strasbourg, France. Broadcasted from beautiful Lieu d’Europe, the first day of the summit was moderated by journalist Annette Gerlach who discussed the topic of Energy Democracy with her guests.

The deputy mayor of Strasbourg, Marc Hoffsess, talked about why energy democracy is an important topic for him and for Strasbourg. In a video interview Member of the European Parliament, Ciarán Cuffe, wanted to raise the ambitions on all levels towards a carbon neutral energy systems and in the studio Julie Purdue from AMORCE and Julien Joubert from Energy Cities presented the situation for heating and cooling in France as well as in Europe.

In a roundtable discussion, energy and climate consultant, Astrid Madsen, together with Bob d’Haeseleer from the City of Eeklo and Lies Debbaut from the City of Bruges tried to answer the question of how cities can ensure that heating and cooling systems are efficient, sustainable, and democratic.

In three breakout sessions the topics policy perspective; customers’ and utilities’ perspective on heating and cooling; and stakeholder engagement were discussed. In the recording of day one you will find summaries from these discussions in the end. You can also find some of the presentations from the workshops in the links below.

Policy perspective

Presentation by Jörg Dürr-Pucher, Renewable Energy Platform of Baden-Württemberg

Presentation by Jacqui Cullen, Eurométropole Strasbourg

Customers’ and utilities’ perspective

Presentation by Nathalie Fransson, IVL

Presentation by Daniel Lundqvist, Swedenergy

Presentation by Sem Oxenaar,

Stakeholder engagement

Presentation by Laura Uuttu-Deschryvere, City of Helsinki 

Presentation by Paulius Martinkus, Vilnius Šilumos Tinklai

Day two focused on collaboration
The second day was held completely digitally and was moderated by Moa Dahlman Truesdale, CEO of Energy Opticon. The topic of the day was collaboration within and between cities. Victor Coe from the Dublin City Council talked about Collaboration at a national level; Guillaume Perrin from FNCCR covered the international level and Oliver Ingwall King from Johanneberg Science Park presented the Celsius Forerunner Groups.

The participants then chose from three different workshops. In the recording of day two you will find summaries from these discussions in the end. You can also find some of the presentations from the workshops in the links below.

Celsius policy workshop

Presentation by Melanie Bourgeois, Energy Cities

Presentation by Pauline Lucas, EuroHeat & Power

Waste heat 

Presentation by Oliver Rosebrock, Veolia Energie

Erik Rylander, Stockholm Exergi

Thierry Willm, Eurométropole Strasbourg

Geothermal heat (No presentations)


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