A guidebook to implementing LTDH

A new guidebook on how to implement Low-Temperature District Heating was recently published at the Fraunhofer book publisher. The book was edited by Kristina Lygnerud and Sven Werner and the book was written between 2018 and 2021 by seventeen authors within the IEA...

Celsius Summit 2020 – Mission Possible!

Facilitating the Heat Transition in South East Europe & Beyond! 2020 is a year with many firsts: a world-wide pandemic that threatens our society, but also countries stepping up their climate ambitions and the European Union announcing the Climate Neutral Cities...

Webinar: Low temperature district heating

Low temperature district heating can prove to be an important part in also keeping the globe’s temperature low. This webinar presents some of the opportunities and challenges cities may encounter in their endeavour towards a sustainable and efficient low temperature district heating systems.