This text is from the Celsius Wiki, which was published between 2015 and 2018.

Throughout Europe, there are thousands of urban sources of waste heat. Combined, there is enough waste heat produced in the EU to heat the entire building stock, sources ranging from large high temperature industrial sources to small scale comfort cooling systems. But despite this huge potential, there are only a few small-scale examples of urban waste heat recovery across the EU.

Below are listed examples of when waste heat is being used. These cases serve as small-scale inspirational projects on how to utilize waste heat from urban sources, for both heating and cooling purposes. Most of the cases exploit small-scale recovery ranging from some hundreds of kilowatts to a few megawatts. The sources are often low-temperature waste heat sources, utilized by heat pumping technologies for district heating network solutions.

The collection of brief techno-economic case studies

Locations case studies

Figure 1. Locations of the ReUseHeat case studies.

There are 25 cases in the collection, where of 12 cases are Danish. Most of the cases originate from the EU financed ReUseHeat project. The locations are plotted in figure 1.

Techno-economic case studies by type of thermal source

1. Building cooling systems (commercial buildings, hospitals etc)

District heating from crematory in Aalborg, Denmark

Heat recovery at hospital in Budapest, Hungary

Excess heat from hospital chillers in Viborg, Denmark

2. Data centres

Datacentre supplies local heating in Mäntsälä, Finland

Excess heat from data centre in Val d’Europe, France

Open District Heating in Stockholm, Sweden

3. Industry

a, light industry

Heat recovery from local paper mill in Skjern, Denmark

Industrial residual heat and transmission in Leiden, The Netherlands

b, heavy industry

Excess heat from lignite mining in Bergheim, Germany

District heating in Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy

4. Subway systems

Capture of waste heat and extension of the seed network in Islington, London (UK)

5. Waste water

Waste water as heat source in Kalundborg, Denmark

Waste heat recovery from sewage water in Cologne, Germany

Industrial waste water used for district heating in Rødkærsbro, Denmark

Heat pumps using waste water in Gothenburg, Sweden

Energy recovered from sewage water in Sandvika, Norway

Excess heat from sewage in Hamburg and Singen, Germany

6. Power distribution system

Co-production with a gas engine driven heat pump in Tønder, Denmark

Exploiting excess heat from a converter station in Endrup, Denmark

7. Power generation

District cooling in Helsingborg, Sweden

8. Refrigeration

District heating from super supermarkets, Denmark

Excess heat from vegetable market, Denmark

Excess heat from mink coat storage in Copenhagen, Denmark

Excess heat from cooling at Grundfos in Bjerringbo, Denmark

Energy optimization in a supermarket in Høruphav, Denmark




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